Monday, March 30, 2009

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Hard Times

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Hard Times

Author : Charles Dickens

Performed By : Frederick Davidson

Publisher : Blackstone Audio Inc

Runtime : 11 hours 30 minutes

Categories : Classic Literature

Our Price : $23.95


"A bitter indictment of industrialization, with its dehumanizing effects on workers and communities in mid-19th-century England."

--Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature

"The narrator's British accent goes well with Dickens's overly dramatic and lush prose."


Originally written for Dickens's weekly magazine, Household Words, this short novel follows the fate of Sissy Jupe, a warm-hearted circus child, and the family that adopts her. Deserted by her ailing father, Sissy is taken into the cold household of the Gradgrind family, which operates a school. The "eminently practical" Thomas Gradgrind believes only in facts and figures and has raised his children accordingly, thoroughly suppressing the imaginative sides of their nature. They grow up in ignorance of love and affection, of beauty and culture, or of empathy for others, and the consequences are devastating. Only after numerous crises does Thomas realize that his principles have corrupted their lives.

Dickens's satirical expos of the Industrial Revolution condemns the utilitarianism that exploited the bodies, minds, and souls of the vulnerable labor class.

Caesar & Cleo
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Caesar & Cleo

Author : One Act Players
Performed By : Full Cast
Publisher : One Act Audio Theatre
Runtime : 35 minutes
Categories : Dramatizations
Our Price : $1.98
On June 17, 1996 a construction crew clearing a site in Alexandria Egypt for the foundation of a new fast-food joint uncovered a sealed urn. Inside were scrolls purported to be written in 42 BC by none other than the personal slave of Julius Caesar.

Caesar & Cleo by Bruce Kane is the first play to be based on what have, since their discovery, become known as The Burger King Scrolls.

Running time: 35 minutes.

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